From our owners to the field workers, we at Kaiser Heating & Cooling work to maintain a professional and courteous staff that is able to help customers from start to finish! Every one of our staff members take pride in their work and strive to be #1 in customer service. So whether you need a full blown HVAC system installed or need to stop in the office to pick up your air filters, call Kaiser Heating & Cooling and be confident that our staff will be able to get the job done right.

Doug and Chris

Working as co-owners of ElectAir, Inc, Chris and Douglas not only work day to day in the field, but strive to make sure that the overall companies of ElectAir, Inc., such as Kaiser Heating & Cooling, thrive and produce service and products that are #1 in their respective fields.

Their values and work ethics, both professionally and personally are admired by staff and peers alike. Feel confident when calling Kaiser Heating & Cooling that your needs will be met in a timely and professional manner with Chris and Douglas overseeing all aspects of operation. Learn more about Chris & Douglas…

Office Personnel
  • Rich Willert


When you call Kaiser Heating & Cooling, the office personnel answering the phone or responding to your immediate needs are our front-line staff. We understand how important first impressions are and the office personnel are important in making that impression a good one!

They will answer your questions in a timely and professional manner and make sure that your requests are directed to the right departments. They consistently strive to make sure your experience, whether it is the first or fifteenth, a satisfactory one!

Lisa Clites
Mary Haas
Julie HughesRich Willert
Field Personnel
  • Jeremy Budihas

  • Rolly Goeden

  • Gordy Sage


Our field personnel are usually the ones you get to meet face to face! Their knowledge and professional service are what we rely on to retain our customers and what you rely on to get the job done right!

Always conscious that they are in your home or business, you will find their service respectful, helpful and knowledgeable. The field personnel at Kaiser Heating & Cooling are second to none, so be confident that whatever your needs are in the world of HVAC, they will be able to fulfill.

Jeremy Budihas
Noel KostersAndrew Powers
Kelly DentonMike LammersGordy Sage
Aaron GilbertsonBob NissenLorney VanGerpen
Rolly GoedenRich Willert
Feel confident when working with Kaiser Heating & Cooling. Customer Service is our goal!