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Unit Heaters

While heating your home or business is important, your shop or garage is often overlooked. Kaiser Heating & Cooling can provide you with a solution. We carry high quality, affordable heaters for your shop, garage or outdoor buildings.

Shop Heaters

For large open spaces such as shops, Kaiser Heating & Cooling carries Calcana & Superior Radiant Products. Draft-free and quiet, infrared heaters warm objects rather than air, resulting in fuel cost savings for you! The radiant “sun-like” warmth keeps people comfortable at lower air temperatures, which is highly efficient. Where large doors are frequently used, infrared heat results in rapid heat recovery and therefore less fuel wastage. Heat your shop and be fuel-efficient at the same time.


Garage Heaters

Garages are becoming more than a place to park the car. They have become the gathering point for your neighborhood, living space for hobby activities, home businesses, pet habitats and a warm storage area. Efficiently get your garage heated by contacting Kaiser Heating & Cooling. Our ADP Unit Heaters are our No. 1 garage heater. Accommodate your activities effectively, call us today.

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